Exclusive: 19 Action News Takes You Inside Cleveland Strangler's Home

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - We've seen the stories for weeks.  Ten bodies and a skull found inside and near a home on Cleveland's Imperial Avenue.

Now for the first time ever…see INSIDE the Imperial Avenue home of Anthony Sowell.

19 Action News is the only station to show you what it looks like behind the walls of the House of Horrors.

The pictures were taken through an open window-- using commercially available camera's and no special lenses, from an adjacent property.

We go inside of what appears to be Sowell's 3rd floor bedroom, the same floor where two of the first bodies discovered were found.

Among the items in the room, a dresser, a stereo and a stained floral print mattress.

Because other windows were shut or blocked by drapes we were only able to see what was inside one bedroom.