Editorial: City Says No To LeBron Mural

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Lebron James and his corporate sponsor, Nike, want to replace that huge "We Are All Witnesses" billboard across from Quicken Arena with a new one, but Cleveland's design review committee has turned thumbs down on the proposed art work. The committee says the new mural - which is meant to promote a new line of Nike sports apparel -is too commercial and also that James - who appears bare-chested and scowling in the ad -portrays a negative stereotype of young black men.

Good grief! In a city starving for commercial enterprise and creativity, we have some self-serving committee which gets to say no to a legitimate piece of contemporary advertising based on the fact that it's too commercial? What do they expect advertising to be?

And who even knew that Cleveland had a design review committee? It's just another example of how quaint our government is in this region and how difficult it is to get even a little business approved by city hall.

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