Do the Time: Judge Imposes the Max On Daycare Worker Who Tossed Little Boy Across the Room

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A daycare worker who tossed a three-year-old across the room will have plenty of time to think about her actions.

Marva Moore was sentenced to 180 days in jail Tuesday morning - the maximum sentence she could receive.

This, after the 31-year-old was found guilty of misdemeanor child endangering after the incident at the Nickelodeon Child Care Center in North Randall in March. The entire thing was caught on tape.

Moore apologized for her actions but it was too little, too late for the Judge Gallagher.

"You picked up Dupree like he was nothing - like he was a toy that you threw aside," said Judge Hollie Gallagher. "And what it says to me is that you didn't appreciate the human life that was before you." Judge Gallagher added that Moore is never to work in child care again.

The little boy had some minor injuries on his face and has since recovered.

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