Editorial Reply: Patrick Barrett

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - I'm Patrick Barrett. I am responding to Bill Applegate's editorial regarding the new Lebron James mural.

Recently, the not-so-well known Design Review Committee rejected a new mural of Lebron James because it was deemed to be too commercial and too menacing.

Too commercial?  Is there anything in this city that's too commercial because if there is, it's absolutely worth having! for those in need of a quick economics lesson, all things commercial mean sales, revenues, tax revenues, and jobs. Might we want to encourage commercialism just a little more in this city?

How many squandered opportunities will it take for Clevelanders to wake up? He is destined to be one of the greatest business men in America – yes, I said business man.   As Lebron earns millions of dollars, you better bet this guy's success will not be defined solely on what he does on the basketball court.

So, I have an idea: let's celebrate Lebron and all that is good in our city…while we still can… and if that comes at the risk of appearing too commercial, that's not such a bad thing in a very bad economy.

We are all witnesses, indeed.

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