X-Rated: Small Town Mayor Telling the World about his Private Parts

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SEVEN HILLS, OH (WOIO) - He's a lawyer, a mayor, and now a self published author.

But you may be shocked by what he chose to say in a new book.

The name of the book is the Power of the Proclamation. In it Seven Hills Mayor, David Bentkowski talks about his idea to promote Seven Hills and at the same time meet his favorite celebrities by giving them official proclamations.

It works, and we get the joke. But his tongue in cheek approach has some feeling he's put his foot in his mouth.

One chapter of the book begins with the Mayor describing the size of his genitals. I won't tell you much more, suffice it to say that the name Seven Hills doesn't do him justice. And no we aren't going to give him the truth test.

Bentkowski believes it's absurd that anyone would care to receive a piece of paper, a proclamation from a small town mayor. But they do as pictures of him with celebrities printed in his book prove.

The book has landed him on talk shows in several big cities. But on Seven Hills blogs and chat rooms it's his anatomy that has people talking.

The mayor makes the point, correctly in a 7 page email sent to 19 Action News reporter, Paul Orlousky and copied to his lawyer that his book or the tour surrounding it was not paid for using any taxpayer money. It is self published by Bentkowski Books.

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