TB Scare: Local Student Infected with Highly Contagious Infection of the Lungs

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ELYRIA, OH (WOIO) - It was no ordinary school day at Elyria High Thursday afternoon.

There's a tuberculosis alert there.  The alert was prompted after a student came down with the disease.

Word of the TB case has some students worried they might be next.

TB can be a highly contagious and sometimes fatal infection of the lungs.

To calm fears, school and health officials held an informative meeting about TB telling students and staff the infected person is now recovering at home and how long recovery can take.

The most routine of treatment takes about 6 months.

Elyria High will need no special cleaning again because TB is an airborne and not a surface disease.

And all the staff has received TB tests, which will be given to students next week.

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