Two indicted for taking Guard pay illegally

CLEVELAND (AP) - Two men were indicted on federal charges of illegally pocketing nearly $100,000 in pay from the Ohio National Guard, U.S. Attorney Gregory A. White said Tuesday.
Joseph M. Rosado, 29, of Geneva, was charged with one count of theft of public money for obtaining about $86,976 from Dec. 12, 1997, until Dec. 14, 2001, after he had resigned from the Air Guard.
Ryan S. Garrett, 21, of Barberton, was charged with one count of theft of public money for collecting about $9,827 from June 20, 2001, through last April 30 while failing to report for Guard duty.
Each could face 10 years in prison if convicted.
The men, who do not have a listed phone numbers at the addresses given with the charges, could not be reached for comment.
Assistant U.S. Attorney David A. Sierleja said the federal
government continued to mail them paychecks after Rosado's
resignation and after Garrett stopped reporting for duty.
The dual federal-state role of the Guard and its finance
operations may have contributed to the continued pay confusion, he said.
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