Layoffs: Cleveland Layoffs Could Affect Your Safety

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) -  We've learned Cleveland is moving closer to layoffs of cops, firefighters and paramedics.

We've learned layoff notices will be sent out in days. And we've learned how much of an impact all this will have on your streets.

Multiple sources confirm the city is talking about sending out layoff notices next week. Any layoffs would take effect January 11.

To avoid layoffs Cleveland city hall says workers take some unpaid days off or they take other benefit cuts equalling 4% of their pay--saying it's the only way to solve the city's money problems.

If the layoffs happen--here's what it would mean to you in English...

Union sources say the numbers would be 40-50 cops, about 20 firefighters and 10 paramedics.

And by the way here's one that didn't accept the days off offer.

Local 39 said no and layoff notices went out Friday to nine workers.

City Hall says the union may re-vote.

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