Two Local Unions Agree To Cleveland Mayor Jackson's Proposed Concessions

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - New developments on Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson's plan to help bridge the city's gapping budget deficit. An estimated $23 million dollars for 2010.

19 Action News has learned Local 100 - which represents 1333 city workers - has agreed to take the mayor's proposed 10-day furlough. Local 100 runs the gamut of various jobs around the city.

Also on board with the proposal - the Plumber's Union.  Mayor Jackson outlined his plan to help bosler the city's bottom line late last month. In addition to the furlough days, he also plans to put a temporary end to some employee benefits such as longevity pay.

The city is also charging $8 bucks a month for trash collection - a move that will bring in $9-11M.

The 1,800 non-union city employees will have all of their 2010 paychecks reduced by a little over 4%. In exchange, they will get 10-unpaid days off. The city will save $3.8M.

The rest will have to come from the city's union employees and there are 34 unions. Jackson went to each one and asked them to also give up 4.17% of their pay.

Jackson is trying to bridge the gap without laying off city employees.

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