Cut Him Off: Off-Duty Cop Busts Boozed Bandit During Attempted Bank Robbery

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NEW DETAILS: AKRON, OH (WOIO) - When you booze, you lose.

An off-duty officer working uniform security Tuesday morning at First Merit Bank on North Main kept an intoxicated male from robbing the bank.

The drunk - Tornondo A. Pugh - entered the bank around 8:30AM carrying a small, blue grocery bag. Pugh approached the teller counter, mumbled something, then noticed the uniformed officer. He turned around and attempted to leave the bank. The officer attempted to approach Pugh but he became belligerent and was placed under arrest.

While searching Pugh, the arresting officer found a handwritten note inside of his coat pocket, demanding money. He had a rock and a phone receiver stored inside his grocery bag.

33-year-old Pugh was charged with Attempted Robbery and Disorderly Conduct by Intoxication and by Violent and Turbulent Behavior.

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