Editorial: Health Care Bill

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The US Senate this week marched inexorably - though not necessarily honorably - toward approval of a national health care bill that may or may not benefit the majority of Americans.

Regardless of how one feels about the merits of Obamacare, how much it will cost and whether it's even needed, one thing is for sure - the way the Democrats pushed it through the Senate in the din and distraction of the holidays represents a low-water mark in the annals of congressional legislative debate.

Not even supporters of the bill have been able to read it in its entirety, so carefully has the senate majority leader kept in under wraps. And to get the necessary 60 votes for passage, the Dems have bribed - yes, bribed - at least two key senators: Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska. Landrieu's state got $100 million in Medicaid subsidies and Nelson was rewarded for his vote with a Christmas present giving his state - and only his state - full federal funding for Medicaid expansion. All other states will have to pay their own way. The Senate health bill is so full of payoffs to lawmakers and special interests that it's passage is not just a disgrace - it's an act of corruption.

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