No Means No: Cleveland Cops Reject City Concessions, Layoffs Imminent

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It's not looking like a very Merry Christmas for dozens of Cleveland cops, firefighters or EMS workers.

97% of Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association voted against taking concessions from the city.

Now it looks like more than 150 safety forces union members will be laid off.

The vote:
FOR:         25  

"I don't really like it at all," said one veteran officer. "I don't understand why they put an academy class through last year right before elections and now they have to lay them off. We all knew the economy was bad when they put this class in. Why they do it and now, you know, three months before our contract expires. They're claiming they're broke."

Here is a breakdown of anticipated public safety layoffs:

  • 67 police patrolmen
  • 31 police supervisors (although supervisors have the option of taking a demotion)
  • 6 EMS
  • 7 EMS vacancies would remain unfilled
  • 38 firefighters
  • 18 firefighter supervisors

Had they voted to approve the concessions, each officer would have lost between $2,400-$2,900 based on years of service.

Members also voted to pay extra union dues to help take care of those who will be laid off.

On Tuesday, dozens of Cleveland Police supervisors voted not to take the city's concessions as well.

Their vote:
FOR:           80

It is believed the supervisors will be demoted, instead of laid off.

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