Editorial Feedback

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - At the end of each week's editorial, we ask our viewers to write and let us know what you think. And you do.

Recently, I talked about the city's architectural review committee saying no to a new Lebron James billboard. Pete from Cleveland said, "I think Nike and James can figure out a better way to show off his talent and their product then that ad. Good for the committee."  Cullen wrote, "City Hall should do everything in their power to keep Lebron happy." And James wrote, "Where did this committee come from and who is paying them?"  My thoughts exactly, Jim.

We received many responses about holding the 9/11 terrorist trial in New York.   Dan from Cuyahoga Falls wrote, "911 was an act of war and this should be done in a military tribunal."  Gary from Avon Lake wrote, "It is great to hear someone take a position that exposes one of the insane things this present administration is doing." And Marty from Westlake wrote, "If it looks like a terrorist, talks like a terrorist, taunts like a terrorist, it must be a terrorist!"

Thank you for sharing your opinions with us and I hope you continue to write to let us know what you think.

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