Wednesday Morning Headlines

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Happy Hump Day, Cleveland!

Just get through today and the weekend - and the New Year - is within reach!

So what does Mother nature have in store for today - and your New Year's Eve parties? Check out your complete Ford First Alert Forecast HERE for the answer!

Here are just a few of the stories we are working on this hour.

Wow, is it COLD out there right now! Brrrr! Old Man Winter has an icy grip on the Greater Cleveland area. So you better get used to it - and add some extra layers to send out '09.

Ice-cold vodka. No, we're not talking about a cocktail, rather a deicer! How this beverage is being used outside the bar!

Another opportunity to help fight the flu. Details on one of the last H1N1 clinics of the year. Find out where and when the vaccinations will be offered.

And on the national front - airline security. Moments after President Barack Obama pointed to a "mix of human and systemic failures" for allowing a terrorist suspect to attempt to bomb a passenger jet on Christmas Day, federal agencies said they had done all they could have done. The very latest on what's being done to keep you - and your family - safe when you fly.

So grab that remote and your first cup of coffee and join us for these stories and more on 19 Action News This Morning!

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