Sob Story: Low-Life Dog Abuser Says She Made Bad Choice, Judge Imposes Jail

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NEW DETAILS: LORAIN, OH (WOIO) - A Lorain woman who watched three Great Danes nearly starve to death in her backyard kennel went before a judge Tuesday morning.

Jaime Chandley - who breeds dogs - was arrested for three counts of cruelty to animals on Christmas Day.

This, after officers found two emaciated adult dogs and a puppy covered in dog feces in an outside kennel. The outside kennel did not have insulation to keep the animals warm from the declining elements.

The officers believed the dogs would not have survived the week had they not been rescued from the Eagle Avenue house.

27-year-old Chandley pleaded no contest to the charges and admitted she made a bad choice. She also said she lost her job and her home is in foreclosure.

Her sob story did little to sway the judge - who asked how she could watch the dogs wither away to skin and bones day after day.

The judge then sentenced her to jail for 90-days. She is also forbidden to own any animal for five years.

The dogs, meanwhile, are receiving treatment from Dr. Wood at the Lorain Animal Clinic. The adult male and puppy are responding well to treatment but the adult female is not doing well. She is unable to eat and Dr. Wood is not sure if she will survive.

Dr. Wood provides all treatment to the animals out of his own pocket. If you would like to make a donation to this cause, you may do so:

Wood Foundation
4205 Oberlin Avenue
Lorain, 44053

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