Zero Hour: Closing Arguments Wrap, Jurors Get Instructions In Trial Of James Mammone

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CANTON, OH (WOIO) - Closing arguments have ended in the trial for the man who admitted killing his two young children and former mother-in-law.

This, after an emotional and sometimes hard to stomach three days of testimony in the Stark County Courthouse.

19 Action News Reporter Paul Orlousky - who has been following the trial since day one - says Judge John Haas is now reading lengthy instructions to the jury that will decide James Mammone's fate. He could face the death penalty if convicted of them most serious charge which is aggravated murder.

Prosecutors went methodically through each element of each of the seven crimes Mammone is charged with. Defense attorney's only spoke for five minutes and disputed only minor elements of the case against Mammone.

For the first time, James Mammome showed a tiny bit of emotion on Wednesday when testimony revealed that he considered his wife's parents like his own. Mammone's emotions, however, stopped there. He sat stone-faced as his calm but profanity-laced voicemail message to his friend was played for the court. The chilling message was left just moments after the triple slaying.

"As f*****n sick as it sounds I concluded after a while, she took my family from me and the f****n way to really get her is to take her mom and her kids from her and I missed her dad by a couple minutes. Obviously I'm a f****n homicidal maniac. God bless the poor f****n kids. God."

It was believed James Mammone III would try to make a statement in his own defense, after prosecutors said he was scribbling page after page of notes. Prosecutors believe Mammone's attorneys advised him against making a statement.

James Mammone admitted in a taped confession to police to viciously killing his two young children and former mother-in-law as a form of revenge against his ex-wife, Marcia, who wanted a divorce. A text message warned Marcia of trouble: "How much are you willing to risk to find the cost of freedom? You were aware of who I am."

James Mammone's attorneys concede that he murdered his mother-in-law, 57-year-old Margaret Eakin, by beating her with a lamp and shooting her in the face. They say he then slashed the throats of his two young children 3-year-old James and 5-year-old Macy.

Tuesday, sickening details emerged on how Mammone killed his children. The youngsters were strapped in their car seats when Mammone attacked. He repeatedly stabbed the children, almost decapitating them. They drown in their own blood. Also troubling, the children had wounds on their tiny hands as they tried to defend themselves from their father's rampage.

Mammone allegedly inked a letter to the Canton Repository that stated his motives and why he had no other choice but to "save" his kids. The letter has sparked outrage across Northeast Ohio. [Read the full letter sent to the Canton Repository HERE]

Mammone had a plan for Marcia, too. He had an axe handle with large spikes coming out of it. He told police he didn't want to kill her, just maim her.

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