Detective arrested for alleged domestic violence against wife

NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio – In a story that you could have only seen on Action News, Tom Meyer, The Investigator, found out that a suburban police detective who was arrested and thrown in jail on St. Patrick's Day has a past checkered by multiple allegations of domestic violence.

The incident on St. Patrick's Day wasn't the first time that police were called to the home of veteran Brooklyn police detective Dale Gorecki. His wife, Joyce Gorecki, had complained to police on multiple prior occasions that her husband had beaten her up.

"She sustained injuries to her nose and right arm," North Olmsted Police Department Lt. Steve Wolf said of the latest incident.

North Olmsted Police have been called to the Gorecki home three times in less than two years.

According to a police report, officer Gorecki hit his wife (pictured, above) with a phone as she tried to call police for help. The same report said that the police detective punched his wife in the face and kicked her in the arms and legs while she was on the floor.

Action News took exclusive pictures of Gorecki as he appeared before a Rocky River judge in an orange inmate uniform. Oddly enough, the Brooklyn city prosecutor represented the veteran cop, only to remove himself from the case later that day.

"He will vigorously defend these meritless allegations," Brooklyn prosecutor Bob Williams said after the hearing.

Gorecki's wife sat in court with a black-and-blue nose. At her request, the judge ordered Action News to not photograph her.

Gorecki's first domestic violence charge was reduced to disorderly conduct even though police said that Joyce had two black eyes and bruises over her body. It was a good thing for officer Gorecky that the charge was reduced.

"Someone convicted of domestic violence can't carry a firearm," Wolf said. "For a cop, that would end your career."

Police feared two years ago that Joyce Gorecki was in danger of being harmed further. Sadly, just this week, they were proven right.

Detective Gorecki was suspended from the Brooklyn Police Department pending the outcome of his criminal case.