FAQs: Card Access

Q: What are the benefits of a card access system?

A: Card access gives you control and knowledge. It allows you to control what areas your employees have access to and creates audit trails where a person has been in the building(s). It denies access to unauthorized people. Your access card can double as a photo ID badge too.

A card access system not only protects your employees, it increases the level of security awareness among them while reducing the potential for internal theft and "negligent security" liability lawsuits. Call us today at 1-866-SIEVERS and let us show you a card access system for your business.

Q: How many cards can I use? How many doors does it cover?

A: There are many different system options to chose from. The smallest system has a 200 card capacity and is a 2 door unit. As your needs increase, the system can be easily and economically expanded. Let Sievers help you design a system that's right for you.

Q: What happens when a card is lost or an employee leaves?

A: The person's card is simply deleted form the system and access is denied if anyone attempts to use it.

Q: What is Proximity?

A: Proximity is a new concept in card access. It is a key fob device that does not need to be swiped, just held close to the reader (thus the name "Proximity"). Proximity access control systems are economical, resistant to extreme weather conditions, vandal resistant and easy to install and maintain.

The Proximity reader can be installed behind a wall so it is unobtrusive and the "keys" are seldom lost because they are kept on a key chain. Call us today at 1-866-SIEVERS to find out about this exciting new way to secure your business.