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FAQs: Fire Alarms

Q: What is a fire alarm system?

A: An electronic system that alerts the occupants in the early stages of a fire and can automatically send signals to a central monitoring station. The central station then dispatches the fire department. Your house and loved ones or your business and employees are protected 24 hours a day!

Q: Are there different types of fire alarms?

A: Yes, there are two types. The basic system is called a manual system. It requires someone to pull a manual fire station to activate the bells, or sounders to evacuate the occupants.

The other is called an automatic system. Besides having manual pull stations it also uses devices that automatically sound the alarms when smoke or heat is detected. For more information, visit our contact page or call 1-866-SIEVERS.

Q: Which alarm is better?

A: The automatic fire alarm. The automatic system protects life and property. It senses smoke and heat when the premise is unoccupied or if the occupants are sleeping. There are more people killed by smoke inhalation than by the heat of the fire.

Q: Should the fire alarm system be monitored by a central station?

A: Yes. Who will hear the alarm if no one is at the protected premise. Sievers Security owns and operates our own local, state-of-the-art central monitoring station to safeguard over 3,700 homes and businesses. Call 1-866-SIEVERS for more information.

Q: Will my insurance company offer discounts with a monitored fire system?

A: Yes. The amount varies, check with your insurance provider.

Q: What is the cost for fire alarm monitoring?

A: Inexpensive when you consider you could be protecting your family, home, or business. $35.00 per month for commercial, $25.00 per month for a residence.

Q: What happens if the alarm is activated when no one is there?

A: The fire department is dispatched and a list of contacts that were provided by the customer are called. Call the Sievers fire alarm experts today at 1-866-SIEVERS.

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