FAQs: Home Automation

Q. Are the systems UL Listed?

A. Yes, all systems are UL approved and listed for UL 985 Household Fire Warning system Units and UL 1023 Household Burglar Alarm System Units (Grade A). The Commercial Units are additionally approved and listed for UL 365 Police Station Connected Burglar Alarm Units and Systems (Grade B), UL 609 Local Burglar Units and Systems (Grade A), and UL 1610 Central Station Burglar Alarm Units (Grade A).

Q. What is used for the primary control of lights and small appliances?

A. Most lights and small appliances can be controlled using either X-10 or ALC hardwired lighting.

X-10 sends signals out over the existing power lines to special switches and modules compatible with the X-10 technology.

ALC Switch Modules are intended for installation in homes, which have been pre-wired for installation of ALC system products. Lights and appliances are controlled by sending commands over the ALC signal wiring to ALC Switch Modules. ALC Switches communicate with the controller over low voltage signal wire. They are two-way devices, so the controller always knows the actual status of the switch. In addition, ALC switches can be used to set scenes by triggering macros in the controller.

Q. How many X-10 or ALC switches can I control?

A. You can control anywhere from 16 ALC/ X-10 switches and modules up to 256 depending on the control unit that is used. Call our Home Automation specialists at 1-866-SIEVERS for a consultation.

Q. How many zones can be part of a system?

A. The OmniLT comes with 8 fully configurable zones (burglary, fire, temperature, or auxiliary) zones and can be expanded an additional 16 zones (hardwired or wireless). Omni comes with 16 fully configurable zones and can be expanded to an additional 16 zones (hardwired or wireless). OmniPro has 16 basic zones and can be expanded to an additional 80 zones (64 of which can be wireless). Omni II has 16 fully configurable zones and can be expanded to an additional 32 zones (hardwired or wireless). OmniPro II has 16 fully configurable zones and can be expanded an additional 160 zones (128 of which can be wireless).

Q. What type of wireless transmitters can I use with my system?

A. When using an HAI Wireless Receiver (which gives you additional zones), you can use Linear's Supervised S1, Megacode, and SX format transmitters. If using any other brand wireless receiver connected to your systems existing hardwired zones, follow the specification of the receiver.

Q. Does the systems have different security modes?

A. Yes, there are 6 different security modes. There are two modes for when you are at home during the day. There are two modes for at night when you are asleep. There is a mode when you are away from the home. Also, there is a mode for when you are on vacation.

Q. How many user codes can I have with my system?

A. With OmniLT, you can have up to 8 user codes. With Omni/Omni II you can have up to 16 user codes. With OmniPro/OmniPro II you can have 99 user codes. Each must be 4 digits in length (0001-9999), and can be given an authority level (Master, Manager, or User). You can also validate times and days in which the Manager and User codes are active.

Q. What is the main customer interface to the system?

A. The main interface is a LCD console with backlight. From the console, you can control all functions of the system as well as complete programming and configuration. You may also use any touch tone telephone to control lights, appliances, and temperature, hear the system status and event log, and run macro buttons. The system may also be linked to a computer for complete control, configuration, and programming capability. Call us at 1-866-SIEVERS to find out more about this exciting technology!.

Q. How many consoles can I have with my system?

A. With OmniLT you can have 4 consoles with your system. With Omni/Omni II you can have up to 8 consoles with your system. With OmniPro/OmniPro II you can have up to 16 consoles with your system. The consoles are addressable, so each console will get its own address. They all connect in parallel, and, they all work independently.

Q. How many thermostats can I connect to a system?

A. The OmniLT can support 2 thermostats. If you have an Omni/Omni II system you can have up to 4 HAI communication thermostats connected to your system. If you have an OmniPro/OmniPro II, you can have up to 64.

Q. Do the thermostats all connect to one zone?

A. On the OmniLT, there is a separate connection for thermostats. On the Omni/OmniPro/Omni II/OmniPro II, all thermostats are connected in parallel to Zone 16 and Output 8. Each thermostat is uniquely addressed and works independently from the others.

Q. Does it have a telephone interface?

A. Yes, from any touch tone telephone, inside or outside the home, you can log into your system and control lights, appliances, and temperature, hear the system status and event log, and run macro buttons.

Q. Is the telephone interface compatible with an answering machine?

A. Yes, after the answering machine hangs up, the system picks up the phone line and listens for the code. Using the alternative method, call – let the phone ring once, then hang up. Wait 10 seconds, call back -–the system will answer after the first ring.

Q. Can I control my thermostats over the phone?

A. Yes, from any touch tone telephone you may hear the temperature, mode, heat setting, cool setting, fan status, and hold status of any thermostat connected to you system. Likewise, you may change any on those settings.

Q. What type of security sensors can I use?

A. Any standard security sensors will work. You can use either normally open are normally closed contacts with a maximum of 150 ohms of resistance across the zone excluding the 1K end-of line resistor.

Q. Does the system log when the security system is armed and disarmed?

A. The system has an event log that records all armings and disarmings, as well as bypassed and restored zones, any zones tripped while the system is armed, any trouble conditions, or phone access (all with time, date, and code used).

Q. Is there a digital dialer?

A. Yes, the system can communicate with a central station to report alarm codes in the event of an alarm or other condition. The Omni and OmniPro systems are pre-programmed to report 4/2 format. The OmniLT, Omni II, and OmniPro II are pre-programmed to report in Contact ID format.

Q. Is there a voice dialer?

A. Yes, the system has an integrated intelligent solid state voice dialer. The voice dialer can call up to 8 phone numbers to report alarms and other conditions. The message is spoken to the called party in a clear human voice. This can be used in conjunction with the digital dialer. Five minutes after the digital dialer reports the alarm codes, the voice dialer will begin to dial.

Q. Can I program my system using a computer?

A. Yes, the system can be completely configured and programmed using a PC. The PC can be linked to the system using either the system's built in modem, or linked to the system through a serial interface module. For more information, visit our contact page or call 1-866-SIEVERS.

Q. Can my outdoor lights automatically come on at dusk?

A. Yes, you can create a program that tells the system to turn outdoor lights on at Sunset.

Q. Can my inside lights automatically come on when I return home after dark?

A. Yes, you can create programs based on time schedule on event such as any zone inputs opening and closing, on the changing on any security mode, and a number of other events. Example: "When Front Door Open: Foyer Light On" or "When Security Mode Off: Den Lights On".

Q. How does the system know when it's dark outside?

A. The system automatically calculates the time on Sunrise and Sunset each day based on your longitude, latitude, and time zone. The information can be viewed on the console display and used to program events and schedules.

Q. Does the system know the outdoor temperature?

A. If an outdoor temperature sensor is connected to your system, the system can display the outdoor temperature on the console and on any thermostat connected to your system. The outdoor temperature can also be used to trigger automation programs.

Q. Can the temperatures in my home be automatically adjusted when I leave and go to bed?

A. Yes, you can create temperature programs based on time schedule or event.

Example: "When Security Away: Thermostat 1 Cool Setting 84" and "When Security Away: Thermostat 1 Heat Setting 65".

Q. Can the system communicate with other systems?

A. Yes, with the HAI serial interface using the Omni-Link (All Controllers) or Pro-Link (OmniLT, OmniPro, Omni II, OmniPro II) protocol, you can send and receive information through the RS-232 or RS-485 port.

Q. Can I use Web-Link II if my Internet connection does not provide a Static IP Address?

A. Yes. You have to subscribe to a Dynamic DNS (Domain Name Service). Dynamic DNS is a service that allows you to map your Dynamic (changing) IP address to a static (permanent) hostname, allowing your Web-Link II computer to be more easily accessed from various locations on the Internet.

Clients (which runs on you PC) are used to automatically update your Dynamic DNS hostname with your current IP address, without the need to even open your browser.