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43 Forum: Upgrade Your Education

CLEVELAND (2/28/10) - Host, Harry Boomer talks with Terry Butler, District Vice President of College and College Pathways Programs at Cuyahoga Community College.

This conversation emphasized the need for higher education in order to compete in the 21st century.  Brawn no longer trumps brains in the workplace and that everyone needs to upgrade their education. 

The enrollment at Tri-C has increased during the downturn in the economy as is often the case. 

We talked about the High tech Academy, Partnerships for Achieving Students Success, Science, Engineering, Mathematics and The Aerospace Academy. 

These are programs designed to help students in the county gain access to higher education through the Youth & Early College Programs. 

Butler also talked about  the importance of the passage of Issue 4 recently approved by voters in the county. 

He informed viewers about the fact that tuition is lower at community colleges and that credits are transferable across the state and many colleges and universities across the nation.  We also talked about the Tri-C Central State University Project, designed to increase the enrollment at Ohio's only publicly-supported Historically Black College or University (HBCU).

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