Mail Mayhem: Postal Carrier Robbed While Delivering Mail on Cleveland's Eastside

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A postal carrier is robbed while delivering mail in the city of Cleveland.

It happened around 12:15PM at East 115th and Itasca.

The suspect stole the keys to the mail truck and then took off running.

"I think it's a shame that a postman can't deliver the mail to the people who have worked hard and waiting for important mail," said East 115th Street resident Alicia Quarles. "For a thug to come out of the side of a street to try and hurt him."

The postal carrier was not physically injured, but told 19 Action News Reporter Harry Boomer in passing that he was "all shook up."

Within minutes of the robbery, several postal inspectors were on the scene. They shadowed the victim postal carrier for the rest of his route. Other postal workers took some of his mail. They wanted him to know they have his back.

The postal inspectors also went door to door, hoping to uncover clues to catch the punk. The thug - who was wearing a blue hoodie at the time of the attack - remains on the loose.

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