FBI Raids: Local Men Arrested As Feds Raid Militia Group Accused of Plotting To Kill Cops

Kristopher Sickles
Kristopher Sickles

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(WOIO) - A series of federal raids on militia's planning attacks on police is coming to rest right here in Northern Ohio. Among places raided, homes in Sandusky and Huron. Two men were arrested.

The FBI moved with precision in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio swooping in on a Christian militia group called Hutaree. A group that posts training videos on its web site and vows attacks on police, then violent attacks on their funerals. The web site also says that Jesus wanted group members to be ready to defend themselves using the sword and stay alive using equipment.

Hutaree - according to federal court documents - planned to kill police officers to spark a larger uprising against the government. The group even planned to go to police funerals to take out more officers while they mourned their fallen brother.

In Sandusky, the FBI raid focused on one trailer, one owned by a man neighbors say didn't cause any problems and who they had no reason to suspect was up to anything.

19 Action News Reporter Paul Orlousky spoke with suspect Kristopher Sickles' wife, Kelly, Monday afternoon.

"What did they take out of here?" asked Orlousky.

"It doesn't matter what they took out of here," Sickles said. "But it was nothing incriminating or illegal.""My husband's innocent and he didn't do anything wrong and this all is big misunderstanding."

She also claimed her husband did not have any kind of religious beliefs.

Jacob Ward was arrested at his Huron home Saturday night, too.

In all, nine people were arrested and charged with a plot that included murder. Weapons were seized in Michigan, although it is unclear what was taken in Ohio. Kristopher Sickles and Jacob Ward are both listed on the Erie County concealed carry permit list.

Agents grabbed Joshua Stone late Monday near his Hillsdale, Michigan home. Officials believe he is the last member of the Hutaree group.

Hutaree - which means "Christian Warrior" - allegedly began its military style training in the woods of Michigan in 2008.

There is a troubling trend in all of this. A recent study shows the number of active militia's in the U.S. Has gone from less than 200 to more than 500 since President Barack Obama took office.

A CBS expert theorized that the charged political climate could be adding fuel to the fire.

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