Punks Pummel Pizza Delivery Driver With Pop

Frances A. Petty Virden
Frances A. Petty Virden

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AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Officers arrested four punks after they robbed a pizza delivery driver Monday night.

A delivery driver for Gionino's Pizza reported that he went to the 800 block of Avon Street around 10:30PM to deliver pizza and a 2-liter of pop.

As the delivery driver walked up to the house, he noticed several people on the porch. When the driver walked up onto the porch, one suspect shoved him off the porch as another male hit him in the face with the two-liter of pop. The suspects took the pizza and pop before fleeing. The driver drove back to the restaurant before calling police.

Officers located and arrested four suspects involved in the robbery of the delivery driver. Arrested were 18-year-old Frances A. Petty Virden; 14-year-old Robert Da Rogers; 15-year-old Aramis E. Rogers and 16-year-old Toni L. Mays.

The thugs were charged with robbery.

Virden was booked into the Summit County Jail and the juveniles were placed in the custody of the Summit County Juvenile Detention Facility.

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