CMSD Safety: What the District's Transformation Plan means for Students

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - There's growing concern over the Cleveland School District's transformation plan and what it means for the safety of students.

Parents and students are worried that rival groups of kids who once attended separate schools will now share the same halls.

"More fights, gangs, more problems for everybody altogether," said Rhodes H.S. Freshman Dominic Horvath.

Ruben Corona who is a senior at Rhodes H.S. Senior said, "I believe they should be worried because you get a lot of other schools coming in and a lot of other neighborhoods. I've already heard stuff in the office talking about gangs and what not. It's nothing you really want your family around."

District police are promising heightened security, using canine sweeps, existing metal detectors and x-ray machines, and constant monitoring of 35-hundred cameras.

If you think your child may be in gang and want to know the warning signs click here.

And if you're a student and witnessed a crime you can anonymously text crime tips to 216-771-SAFE.

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