Lock Him Up: Party's Over for Driver Who Continued To Use Booze, Weed After Crash

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A Broadview Heights driver was sentenced Wednesday morning for hitting and nearly killing a highway worker.

Kyle Ross had to face not only a judge, but a courtroom full of his victims supporters who had a vivid message for Ross and everyone else.

It was an overwhelming show of support for Tom Wood. A man who broke both legs, ribs and more when Kyle Ross swerved around backed up traffic in a construction zone, into a work area and plowed down Woods.

Judge Joan Synenberg's courtroom was packed with more than 50 of Woods' family, friends and co-workers. All wearing the bright day glow construction vests like the one that he was wearing when he was hit.

Ross admitted that he had been at a bar the night he struck woods and fled the scene. He says he had only one beer, was tired, distracted and thought he hit an orange barrel.

Judge Synenberg didn't buy a word of it, noting that Woods was thrown more than 26 feet into a traffic lane. She reasons there is no way he didn't know he hit a person.

Ross apologized to his victim, but he also admitted that he has continued to drink and use marijuana since the accident. He denies driving while impaired.

The party's over for Ross. He was sentenced to serve 18 months in prison for the hit and run accident. He left court with a sob and an "F" bomb.

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