Not So Fast: Hugo Boss Agrees to return to the Bargaining Table

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BROOKLYN, OH (WOIO) - Time out in the decision to move local jobs at Brooklyn's Hugo Boss plant overseas.

The union representing more than 300 workers announced they are headed back to the bargaining table with the company.

Hugo Boss was planning to close the plant on April 27th, but the National Relations Board just ruled the company did not bargain with the union in good faith, so they have to give it another try.

The company released this statement Wednesday:

HUGO BOSS Cleveland and Workers United, the union representing almost 300 employees at its Brooklyn, Ohio manufacturing facility, have agreed to return to the bargaining table on April 8.  The company is responding to the regional office of the National Labor Relations Board that asked it to provide Workers United with the opportunity to bargain about the Company's earlier offer or some other solution the Company finds acceptable.  Late last year, following several months of bargaining aimed at making the plant more globally competitive, Hugo Boss announced that it would close upon the April 27, 2010 expiration of the labor agreement.  The Company remains greatly concerned about its employees and intends to work toward the best possible outcome. "We are returning to the table in hopes that the union is ready to accept the Company's proposal or propose another solution we find workable," said Dr. Andreas Stockert, Hugo Boss AG Chief Operating Officer. "Our goal remains as it was when we started bargaining – the right agreement to make the plant more globally competitive."

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