Letter Carriers Association React to "No Saturday Mail"

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(CNN) -The United States Postal Service is making a move to eliminate Saturday postal delivery.

The agency submitted a proposal to a government regulatory board Tuesday for consideration.

The postal service says a five-day delivery schedule would save the cash-strapped agency about 3 billion dollars a year.

It would also mean the loss of roughly 40 thousand full time jobs. The president of the National Letter Carriers Association says there are better ways to save money. 

"Letter carriers are part of every community. They're almost like an army of guardian angels in the community and they take ownership in the neighborhoods they're in, not just delivering the mail but watching children grow, saving lives, thwarting crime, you read about it all the time they're a fixture in the community, and they take great pride in doing that. The thought of cutting back service especially when it's not necessary to take them out of that element is disturbing. To a lot of letter carriers," said National Association of Letter Carriers President Fredric Rolando.

The Postal Regulatory Commission will review the proposal to reduce delivery service, and any new schedule would require congressional approval.

Saturday delivery was targeted for elimination because that is the lightest-volume delivery day of the week, and a day when many businesses are closed.

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