New Rules: Families of Suspected Sowell Victims react to the Commissions Report

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The families of 11 murdered women are speaking out and Only to 19 Action News.

They met at Bethany Christian Church to react to a new report released Wednesday on what CPD needs to change concerning missing persons.

The city of Cleveland released the findings of an outside commission formed by Mayor Frank Jackson.

The commission was formed on the heels of the arrest of suspected Cleveland                            Strangler Anthony Sowell. The bodies of eleven women were found in and around his Imperial Avenue home last November.

The families of missing person say the changes are coming a little too late.

"They should've did something then. If they had my daughter would still be alive a lot of people's daughters would still be alive," said Inez Fortson.

"I am a father of a missing child out here and the way mayor jackson's going about this is totally wrong," said Feliz DeJesus, the father of Gina DeJesus who's been missing for years.

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