Changes: RTA Spring Service Changes Now in Effect

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Based on customer feedback, officials of the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) have made 13 modifications to the proposed service changes that take effect on Sunday, April 4.

RTA finances have been hit hard by steep declines in sales tax revenues and state funding. The service changes will save RTA about $9 million.

More than 1,000 persons attended 10 public hearings in early January to comment on RTA's proposals. More than 1,000 comments were received and considered.

"Input from these hearings helped us make 13 meaningful adjustments to our original proposal," says RTA CEO and General Manager Joe Calabrese. "We thank our riders for their thoughtful comments."

In developing these modifications, the near proximity of alternate transit service, along with ridership, was considered. One goal is to maintain a transit stop within 1/2 mile of as many residents as possible.

Here are revisions to the original proposal:

#1, Retain late-night service on St. Clair Avenue, between East 129th Street and East 152nd Street.

HealthLine, during rush hours, certain HealthLine trips will serve the University Circle Red Line station, to provide a connection to the #7 and #32.

#9, Retain selected peak-direction rush-hour trips to/from downtown.

#39, Retain weekday mid-day service between downtown and Lake Shore Blvd.

#40, Retain service on Lakeview Road and East 110th Street, north of the Superior Red Line station.

#45, Retain selected peak-direction rush-hour trips between North Royalton and downtown. Also, selected peak-direction rush-hour #45 trips will serve Clark Avenue between West 73rd Street and West 25th Street to accommodate #23 riders.

#49, Extend weekday Center Ridge service to link the Westgate Transit Center to the West Park Red Line station, via W. 210th Street and Lorain Avenue.

#55, Operate weekday service until 10 p.m.

#76, Retain weekday evening service between Turney Road and downtown.

#79B, Use Chevrolet Blvd., instead of Hauserman Road, and service the Parmatown Mall instead of the Southland Shopping Center.

#135, Shift last PM trip 10 minutes later to accommodate #145 riders.

#239, Retain selected trips on Babbitt Road.

#700 series, school supplemental service. Delay all changes until the end of the current school year.

RTA also budgeted $15,000 per month for added van service in the federally-funded Work Access program. These vans take workers to employers who are located more than one mile from the nearest transit route.

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