Killer Clues: Cleveland Police Find Murder Victim's Car; Search for Killer Stepped Up

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland Police have located the vehicle that belonged to 28-year-old Angel Bradley Crockett, the deceased naked female found along I-90 earlier this week.

The body was positively identified as 28-year-old Angel Bradley-Crockett by her mother. The woman was bloodied and showed severe signs of trauma around her head. The coroner has ruled Bradley-Crockett's death a homicide. She died from strangulation and blunt impacts to the head and body.

Police tell 19 Action News that her car was found in the area of East 66th and Charter Avenue around 11 p.m. Tuesday evening.

Angel was at her mother's house on Sunday for Easter. After a trip to the IX Indoor Amusement Park with two of her kids, she came home and left with a man.

Her family never saw the young mother of three girls again.

"I don't know what to feel. I'm hurt, I'm angry, I'm mad," said Angel's mother, Patricia Bradley. "I'm feeling all of this. I don't know, I'm disappointed."

A police officer is under investigation for misidentifying the body. Apparently, the cop didn't get out of his cruiser because he mistook the body for that of a dead deer.

"We drove the highway and is a dead deer," the officer can be heard telling dispatch. "You might want to notify ODOT. Everything looks okay."

But two other officers and a motorist called in and stated it was no deer, but instead the body of a person.

19 Action News spoke with one of the 9-1-1 callers who spotted the body. Robert Merkle was driving home from work when he saw something on the side of the road.

He said his first thought was that it was a deer, but something made him back up and take another look. "When I got out and looked, no that's no deer, that's a body and I called 911," said Robert Merkle.

"I noticed some head wounds, it looks like she may have been beaten or something as close as I could see, I didn't want to disturb nothing."

Merkle says he waited for police to arrive and he answered their questions on scene and as he drove away he thought about what he had just seen."

"It was disturbing, I was a little shaken, but unfortunately death is a part of life. I'm sorry for this woman and her family whoever they are and that this happened to her, no one should die like that, for any reason."

"Death touches us all in many different ways and at church , that's what my pastor talks about, how death touches us all even if its someone we don't know, it touches us one way or another."

Angel's family is calling for her killer to step forward.

"Whoever did it we don't know, whoever did it please turn yourself in," said Angel's cousin. "Have a heart. We're hurting right now, it could have been anybody else's child, but only God knows."

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