Tiger Talks: Woods apologizes to Family, Friends, Fans and now Fellow Golfers

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(WOIO) - No question was off limits Monday as Tiger Woods addressed the media from the Masters at Augusta National Open.

It was his first real news conference since the November incident where he crashed his SUV into a fire hydrant outside of his home and sordid details about his personal life became public.

Wood told reporters "I lied to myself, I lied to my family" and in that same breath he stated that his wife Elin would not be joining him at the tournament in Georgia.

Insisting he's not addicted to prescription drugs, Woods never said why he spent 45 days in rehabilitation only stating that it was personal, but he did say he intends to continue with his treatment.

He also told reporters that he received five stitches in his mouth the night after the crash.

Fellow golfing pros were among those who received an apology during the news conference. He said he was sorry for "what they had to endure" by being bombarded with questions about him and his private life since his hiatus from the game.

He also said they seemed pretty happy to have him back. "It's amazing how many hugs I've gotten from the guys."

Taking all the blame for what his family has gone through in the past months, Woods said "I made some incredibly bad decisions" and "hurt so many people."

Woods played a practice round for the Masters with Fred Couples. Jim Furyk joined them at the 13th hole.

The news conference was, in part, PGA officials idea. The wanted to get Tiger Woods in front of the media so that they could move on and focus solely on the game.

The Masters play begins on Thursday and Woods says he expects to win.

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