No Thanks!: Judge Saffold Refuses to Recuse herself from the Sowell Case

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Defense lawyers in the Cleveland Strangler case are threatening to go all the way to the State Supreme Court in an effort to get a new judge.

Monday, Judge Shirley Strickland Saffold refused to recuse herself, so now the defense wants to force her off.

They don't believe the accused can get a fair trial as long as Judge Saffold presides.

Judge Saffold is under fire for e-mails tied to her computer account.

The e-mails were critical of defense lawyer Rufus Sims and even referred to his quote "Amos and Andy" mouth.

They were sent to a newspaper from the judge's computer.

Judge Saffold denies sending the emails.

Meantime, Anthony Sowell has pleaded not guilty to his latest charges.

He's accused in another sex assault on a woman who survived the attack.

Sowell is already suspected of killing 11 women and attacking four others.

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