Angelina & Brad in Bosnia

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(CBS) - Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Angelina Jolie, traveling with her partner Brad Pitt, visited internally displaced people and returnees in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Jolie's trip came over fourteen years after the end of the war that ravaged the Balkan country.

She took a break from working on her latest movie to highlight the plight of 113,000 Bosnians displaced from their homes and 7,000 refugees from Croatia, many of whom are living in collective centres, often in appalling conditions.

Jolie visited a collective centre in the town of Gorazde where the residents live in dilapidated accommodation with little support and with many completely overwhelmed by helplessness.

Jolie then traveled to the town of Rogatica where she visited displaced people in another collective centre lacking basic amenities, such as running water.

From 1992-95, when war raged in the country, over 2.2 million people were displaced. That displacement shattered lives then and the suffering continues to this day for many. Some of those Jolie met during her visit spoke of the hardships they had endured, including allegations of rape and torture.

Jolie also met UNHCR staff who told her about proposals to help resolve the situation of those still displaced.