I-90 Investigation Timeline

Monday, April 5th 2010 Timeline:

4:30a - first call comes in about the body (this call lasts 4 minutes - this is the caller who is uncertain about what he saw but that he's pretty sure it looked like a man without a shirt)

4:35a - zone car dispatched to investigate

4:50a - zone car reports back that it's a deer

4:54a - dispatch calls ODOT

5:34a - dispatch receives 2nd call (this is the call relaying info 2nd hand, caller says he's told it's a body or a mannequin)

5:39a - there's a communication between dispatcher and a supervisor, dispatcher asking for permission to clear the 2nd call without sending a zone car out again

5:49a - dispatch receives a 3rd call...man clearly says it's the body of a woman

6:10a - dispatch receives a 4th call (this is the one where the dispatcher tells the caller they sent someone out to check and they reported it was a deer and the caller responds "it sure doesn't look like a deer to me")

6:15a - a brief communication between dispatcher and a supervisor

6:19a - dispatch calls ODOT crew on the scene and is told "It's a woman, there's no two ways about it."

The file DIST2 part 2 then picks up from there and runs for 59 minutes and involves all police radio communications.