What type of Punishment could Cops face for Dropping the Ball in the Bradley-Crockett Case?

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland Safety Director Marty Flask has admitted officers dropped the ball in the Angel Bradley-Crockett investigation, by not slowing down to check out reports of a body on the side of the road.

But what 'really' happens to officers who mess up on the job?

The last time an officer missed a body his punishment was only a letter of reprimand from the chief.

You may recall the case in 2008 where a Cleveland cop had a wrecked car towed off the highway and he never even seen the body of Emil Azzam.

So what'll happen to the two patrolmen this week thinking a dead body was a deer?

Its unclear but we do know that the internal investigation could take months.

The safety director though says he expects this latest case to wrap up soon.

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