No Smoking: Stubborn Smoker Causes Scare Aboard Flight

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DENVER (WOIO) - A shoe-bomb scare at Denver International Airport.

F-16 fighter jets intercepted the plane and escorted it to the ground. On board, an Arabic Diplomat who officials thought was trying to light a shoe bomb.

United Flight 663 was on its way from Reagan National in Washington, DC Wednesday night to Denver International Airport. When just before the plane landed, it appears a man tried to light a cigarette in a bathroom on the plane.

The man, described as a diplomat from the nation of Qatar, which is next to Saudi Arabia, became upset when he was told he couldn't smoke, and was even overheard saying something about "a shoe bombing."

Officials don't believe the diplomat was trying to harm anyone, but it certainly put everyone on "high alert" for a while.

Two F-16's were scrambled from nearby Buckley Air Force Base - to safely escort the plane into Denver International.

All the passengers were taken to a nearby fire station,  where their luggage was checked thoroughly by security for possible explosives.

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