Many Teens may be unaware that some STD's can cause Infertility

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(CNN) - April is STD Awareness Month, a time to inform teens about sexually transmitted

The Centers for Disease Control reports STD are on the rise among 15 to 24-year-olds.   

About 80% of the time STD's don't have symptoms at all.

Talking about std's or sexually transmitted diseases is tough for any teen, but
for 19-year-old "rose", not her real name, she already has a story to tell.  
"I was 14. We used condoms at first, and then me being naive, we stopped," said Rose.

Rose says she contracted gonorrhea and chlamydia, and was eventually hospitalized with pelvic inflammatory disease or pid, which is a condition caused by STD's.

If left untreated, pid could have long-term health consequences.

If you do get pid you can decrease your chances of becoming pregnant in the future, it's not an absolute but you can, there is a possibility.

Dr. Yolanda Wimberly says she walks a fine line in counseling teenagers. "I don't like to call it pregnancy prevention, I like to call it delay of pregnancy until you're ready."

She tells teens to get checked by a doctor every time they switch sexual partners, and to always use a condom.

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