Mark Kerrigan charged with Manslaughter

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(CBS) - Skater Nancy Kerrigan's brother has been charged with manslaughter in the death of their father.

Mark Kerrigan posted the 10-thousand bail this morning in Woburn, MA after completing a psychiatric evaluation.

A judge is allowing Kerrigan to live with his mother in Stoneham.

He has to wear a GPS bracelet, use a sobriety testing device and cannot drive. He also must attend counseling.

70-year-old Daniel Kerrigan died last month after a fight with his son.

The medical examiner found Daniel Kerrigan died of a heart rhythm problem after suffering a neck injury so severe it damaged his voice box, and his death has been ruled a homicide.

He died Jan. 24.

Authorities say he died in a struggle with his 45-year-old son.

Mark Kerrigan told police he put his hands around his 70-year-old father's neck and his father fell to the floor.

Family members say Daniel Kerrigan had a heart attack and his death was unrelated to the argument.