Under Fire: Mayor Jackson Tries to Ease Mounting Tensions in Wake of CPD Missteps

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EXCLUSIVE: CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson is responding to the growing outrage over the cops that missed the body.

How did officers under the city's command drop the ball in Angel Bradley-Crockett's death?

Community members say the way police initially handled the case is inexcusable.

Because police responding to the call drove by at 45 miles an hour and never got out of their car to take a look at the body discarded on the side of the road.

They told dispatch it was a deer.

"Too disrespectful, too insensitive to get your butt out of the car and see obviously this was no deer," said an upset community member.

Mayor Jackson disagrees and tells 19 Action News that, "The life of anyone in this city is highly valued. We are looking into the way in which the I-90 case was handled."

The Bradley-Crockett case and the eleven women murdered by a serial killer have many drawing  the same conclusion - that the lives of these women somehow had less value because they were black

"Some of these women on Imperial Avenue might be alive, can't put this all on police we have to call the mayor to task."

Despite the anger, police, the mayor and everyone agree on at least one thing.

"She was well as no one else deserves this type of treatment."

19 Action News has learned the officers who mistook Bradley-Crockett's body for that of a deer are remorseful. Punishments are pending.

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