Setback: WV Rescuers Retreat Mine Due to Smoke

WEST VIRGINIA, WV (WOIO) - Rescue teams have once again been removed from a coal mine in West Virginia where four miners are missing after an explosion that killed 25 people.

A representative from the Mine Health and Safety Administration explained the rescue operation encountered a fire which forced them to retreat.

The operation is now working from above.

"We had a long night, we had a difficult night. We ran into some problems and were notified this morning," said Gov. Joe Manchin. "Teams worked around the clock, got up into the section again and Kevin will explain to you where this all happened, ran into some bad conditions and again had to pull the teams out for their safety. So the procedure now is that they're drilling feverishly over top of that chamber and want to make sure there is a visual; that won't be done until this afternoon and also trying to inert the area which they've made some decisions, everyone is in agreement on the decision. Again the federal and state authorities who make those decisions I think have worked well together and come to the conclusion that there are some things that they must do from a safety standpoint."

The coal miners were thousands of feet underground when the explosion went off. This is being called the worst U.S. mine disaster since 2006.

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