STOP!: Know where you should SLOW before you GO

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Protestors were out in force Friday trying to drum up support for a petition to ban those red light cameras.

If you run a red-light at E. 71st and Chester and other locations and you are caught on camera.

Speed and the same fate awaits you. You'll get a nicely packaged ticket in the mail.

Friday, local groups from Cincinnati, Cleveland and Garfield Heights protested at an intersection that has seen more people get busted than any other in the city.

The people there want those red-light cameras to go.

"I have had hundreds of phone calls since the end of January. People all over this city are willing to come out and participate, carry a petition and see this thing through so we can ban these traffic light cameras across the city of Cleveland," said Cleveland resident Mary Ann Petranek.

But not everyone agrees, "We don't have automatic, oppressive and spying devices on people at intersections in Cincinnati Ohio. Devil's advocate. If you don't speed you don't get a ticket. Well devil's advocate is right," said Christopher Finney of Coast, Cincinnati.

If you want to see the entire list of locations for all the red light and fixed camera spots click here.

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