Exclusive: Career Criminal's Sister Defends Brother In Wake of I-90 Murder Charge

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO)  – Cleveland Police have officially charged a career criminal with aggravated murder for the death of Angel Bradley-Crockett.

Bradley-Crockett's naked, bloodied and beaten body was found in the early morning hours on Monday, April 5th, on Interstate 90 at the West 41st Street exit.

30-year-old Stephon Davis was arrested over the weekend in the 12000 block of Hirst Avenue on Cleveland's west side.

Davis' sister, Jennifer, talked exclusively to 19 Action News on Tuesday and maintains her brother's innocence.

"I'm here because I love my brother and my heart goes out to that family, but justice is not being served by accusing him of something he didn't do," said Jennifer Davis.

Stephon Davis was arrested on an Aggravated Murder warrant by homicide detectives. He is accused of murdering Bradley-Crockett and dumping her body on Interstate 90.

Davis - otherwise known on the street as "Face" - has spent a considerable amount of time in county and federal courthouses and prison.

In 2001, he pleaded guilty to cocaine trafficking. In 2002, he pleaded guilty to drug trafficking. Davis is back again later the same year and again pleads guilty to drug trafficking.

But the Cleveland man never went to prison. All three times he was placed on probation. While he was on probation, police staked out his apartment building on West Boulevard and when he left the building, police followed and busted him with seven grams of cocaine in his car. A search of his apartment produced an additional 38 grams of coke and loaded .38 gun.

Davis was sentenced to four years and two months in federal prison. He wasn't out long before he was accused of a drug-related probation violation.

He could have been locked up, but instead, a hearing was set for May 10th.

Davis's sister tells 19 Action News her brother is being blamed for Bradley-Crockett's death because of his past and a crime he committed back in 1994 when he was just a teen.

Stephon spent seven years in prison for killing his aunt's boyfriend, a man Jennifer says was abusive to the aunt and her children. She claims Stephon was just trying to protect his family.

Meanwhile, funeral services have been scheduled for Angel Bradley-Crockett.

They'll be held at Mt. Sinai Baptist Church located at 7510 Woodland Ave. on Thursday, April 16th at 10AM.

Stephon Davis will be in court Wednesday morning.

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