Eliminating Imperial Avenue Infestation

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19 ACTION NEWS GETS ACTION! CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - People on Imperial Avenue are breathing easier, thanks to intervention by 19 Action News.

The reason is a clean up at the home where Anthony Sowell, the accused Cleveland Strangler lived.

The problem was a huge debris piles in Sowell's back yard. When investigators finished finding eleven bodies in the home and buried in the back yard, they simply left it. When they left, people living there saw rats move in.

One of the hold ups is that the property is sealed off, considered evidence in the case, so until trial nothing can happen to it.

19 Action News reported the situation and the Health Department promised to get something done, they did. Police opened the fence, city sanitation crews moved in and in about an hour had the problem solved.

For neighbors like Renee Cash, it was an answer to a couple of months of prayers. A time nothing happened.

"So I said oh well let me call Channel 19 and I called Paul and here you come to the rescue," said Cash. "Thanks so much."

What the city did was fine, but there is more to do. The fenced-in area was cleared, but during the investigation a lot of debris from the yard was pushed into Alonzo Jones yard behind Sowell's. It was not cleared, so Alonzo could use some help, too.

This really was a serious problem, the Department of Agriculture cited one business for non compliance. They were cited, but couldn't do anything to remedy the situation. Now it is taken care of.

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