Now What?: Prosecutor Involved in Investigation of I-90 Body; Will Cops be Disciplined?

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Cleveland City Prosecutor is now involved in the internal investigation of the body found along I-90 that was mistaken for a dead deer.

19 Action News has learned that two cops could be in serious trouble. They were sent out to check on a report of a dead body and when they arrived, they didn't even stop. They thought the body was a dead deer. They even reported back that dispatchers may want to alert O-DOT.

The body was Angel Bradley-Crockett.

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson spoke late Monday night about the investigation and said only that "our instructions to the chief and the instructions to his people were to do a thorough review and in doing a thorough review you look from top to bottom."

Could these two cops be slapped with criminal charges?

Cleveland Police Union President Steve Loomis says he understands the officers will get discipline, but he can't see any criminal charges. "They did not kill that girl. Their mistake did not cause her death in any way shape or form." Loomis also said "they made a mistake… there was no dereliction of duty.  Dereliction of duty would be they said they were there and they weren't. We know that's not true."

Bradley-Crockett's mom wants the two police officers fired and protested loudly at a weekend vigil "I want they badges. I want they badges."

Stay tuned to 19 Action News and for new developments surrounding this internal investigation.

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