Death Probe: Severed Foot is Identified, But Questions on Missing Body Remain

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UPDATE: ELYRIA TOWNSHIP, OH (WOIO) - New details on a disturbing discovery in Elyria Township.

The Lorain County Coroner has a positive identification on a foot found on March 29th near the abandoned railroad trestle that crosses State Route 57.

During a news conference on Wednesday afternoon, officials revealed the foot was that of 56-year-old Darla Kustra. Kustra's body has yet to be found.

One of Kustra's four daughters came forward after seeing coverage on the news and provided a DNA sample because the description of the foot matched that of the missing mother.

During the investigation Lorain County Sheriff's Office received information from Advanced Plastics advising them Kustra had not been seen since leaving work on Thursday March 25.

Co-workers told investigators Kustra walked to work daily along the highway never showed up for work Friday morning.

Kustra had just started working at Advanced Plastics through the temporary agency, Ameritemps.

It is still unclear what happened to Kustra at this time.

"The foot had no evidence of animal activity...there were not teeth marks or claw marks," Lorain County Coroner Paul Matus said.

One theory is that she was hit by a vehicle as she walked to work under the bridge. Officials believe it is possible the driver may not even know they hit Kustra.

Lorain County Sheriff's investigators say Kustra walked along routes 254 & 57 every morning and believe she was hit March 26 between 4:50am and 5:20am.  Kustra was dressed in a black hat, medium blue coat, black gloves, blue jeans and black shoes or boots.

Another theory is that Kustra committed suicide by jumping from the bridge, and was struck by a large vehicle passing underneath.

Investigators are not ruling anything out at this point, and believe the woman's body may be anywhere in the nation.

Investigators are currently tracking the signal of the cell phone Kustra had been carrying. Anyone with any information should contact the Lorain County Sheriff's Office.

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