Brutal: Violent Beating Caught on Tape

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COLLEGE PARK, MD (WOIO) - This is an outrageous case of police brutality. A college kid enjoying a team win got a real beatdown for seemingly no reason!

This is one of those videotapes that police agencies across the country could use to "teach" their officers what "not" to do.

And it may be proof, of an ever larger cover-up.

University of Maryland students were celebrating a big win by the schools' basketball team when one student, skipping down the street, comes upon two officers on horseback.

That's when the beatdown begins.

The newly released videotape is creating shockwaves across the country.

At Cleveland State University, they couldn't believe their eyes.

Unaware someone was taping this, the official police report also claims the student's injuries were caused not by "their" nightsticks, but by the horse.

"It didn't look like the horse came anywhere near him."

"You can't have the citizens trust when you up there beating people up."

"That could be us...that could be us."

The victim has lawyered up and at least one Prince George's County officer has been suspended.

top police brass is outraged calling the officers conduct "excessive."

They could eventually face criminal charges.