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Dentist, Assistant Accused of Pushing Pain Killers

Michael Wai Jink Kwong Michael Wai Jink Kwong
Jakob Kelly Jakob Kelly
Jason Thomspon Jason Thomspon

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A dentist and his dental assistant were indicted by a federal grand jury on Wednesday for drug trafficking.

Dr. Michael Wai Jink Kwong and assistant Jakob Kelly are accused of selling thousands of pain killers.

Kelly's roommate - Jason Thomspon - was also charged.

According to the indictment, Kwong practiced dentistry mainly in the Cleveland and Akron areas. 

From December 2006 through October 23, 2009, Kwong was employed as a dentist for American Dental Centers.  During that time Kwong also worked as a dentist for AICO Dental from November 2007 to September 2008.  From November 2009 to the present, Kwong was employed by Hudec Dental Associates as a dentist. 


Today, we found out that two of our employees, Dr. Michael Wai Jink Kwong, and his dental assistant, Jakob Kelly, were indicted for drug trafficking.

The two have been employed by Hudec Dental Center for only four months.  There was nothing in their history to indicate there were any problems, we observed no behavior that made us suspicious and both received high marks from our patients for the quality of their dental work.

While everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty, we are stunned and angry that anyone would abuse a position of trust like this.

We have terminated the employment of Dr. Kwong and Jakob Kelly.  We are also combing through our records to ensure that there were no irregularities of any kind.

So far, our own internal investigation shows that if they were engaged in wrongdoing, it was not done while treating our patients.

Our entire practice is built on trust between our patients and our staff.  We are appalled by these allegations and if any our patients have any concerns, please call me directly at 216-485-5788.

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