Brother of Teen Slain by Gang Speaks Out Against Violence

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - 16-year-old Shaquille Young talked to students at St. Ignatius High School on Thursday morning about gang violence.

Shaquille and his 17-year-old brother, Brandon, were shot by gang members last November. Brandon - an honor student and athlete at John Hay High School - was killed. Shaquille was shot in the leg. The brothers became targets of the gang because they refused to join.

Now, Brandon stands tall to warn others about the dangers of gang violence.

"If you fear people, they can make you do whatever, cause the two boys, the one who was driving and the one who passed him the gun, if they weren't scared of him none of this would have happened and they wouldn't be in jail," said Shaquille.

Several teenagers are locked up for the shootings. The thugs are members of the Lakeshore Boys Gang.

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