Editorial Feedback

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Every time we air one of our editorials we ask you, the audience, to write and let me know what you think. And you do.

Recently, I talked about the passing ofPpresident Obama's healthcare plan and that these reforms will come with a price. Paula wrote, "Bills passed in the dark and under the cloak of payoffs can't be good for our country." Daisy wrote, "Not only is this a bad bill, the way it was rammed through Congress is an abomination. I resent it." Dawn wrote, "Bill, you sound like the chairman of the Republican party. I think we should hear both sides of an issue which never happens on Channel 19."

We also received many responses about the Westlake cop who shot a family dog. Fleeta wrote, "I agree with your editorial. Just because a dog barks, does not mean they are aggressive. Dogs just bark." Dale wrote, "As a postal service retiree, I was confronted by hundreds of dogs. I never had to kill one. The officer overreacted." But Ken disagrees, "Applegate, you weren't there. You would have been better not commenting at all." Well, heck Ken, that's why its called an editorial…I have to comment.

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